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Hi - I've been lurking for months - maybe a year - and finally decided to join to be able to share on this subject. I have an emp4 that exhibits terrible accuracy. At 15 yards, benched, I've never seen anything do better than 4" and that was premium federal hst 124. most is 6" or better. because of what I learned on this site I've been all over the gun, from lockup, to clearance at the lower lug, vis, link, barrel / slide fit at the muzzle... it's all pretty good, a .200 EGW slide stop gets the barrel fully locked. Still the accuracy is horrible, no change. I sent the gun to Springfield, they sent it back with a 5 shot 3" group at 25 yards saying it needed nothing. Are you kidding - no way! I went back out and benched it with several different ammos... it's still the same. I called springfield and discussed it with a supervisor along with some other issues... so the gun is there now, And I'm in wait mode.

I wanted to get this posted up because basically the EMP4 9mm is about the same as the range officer 4". I felt this stuff should be documented because there may be a pattern here, and the next guy can learn, as I have, from these posts.
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