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From what I've read, the Range Officers in 9mm seem to have an accuracy issue with some factory loads out of the box, but are tack drivers with custom loads.

I did some poking around thinking maybe it was an issue with the twist rate that SA uses, but from what I can tell, most/all 9mm 1911 barrels are 1:16 twist (someone feel free to correct me if i'm wrong).

So, unless the barrel itself is oversized in some way/getting marginal engagement on the bullet, I can't see how the RO is so incredibly inaccurate where other guns using the same twist aren't having issues.

I'd be curious to mic the lands and grooves in the barrel to see if the barrel were out of nominal spec for 9mm, and would definitely want to check for lockup and bushing engagement play, but...the only thing I can think of throwing off accuracy by that much is the bullet not stabilizing correct, maybe.
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