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Originally Posted by William Trifillis View Post
Just bought one. Very poor accuracy. 16" @ 25 yds benched. Returned to springfield. Sent back to me with target demonstrating 5" 5-shot group. I again could only get 16" groups using winchester factory and 3 bullet types of my reloads. I realize this voids factory warranty, but if it won't shoot hand loads it's of no use to me. I have wilson 45 pro that groups 2-3 inches and a stock Colt CCO that does 5-6 inches. This is advertised as a competition pistol. A disappointment at best. Certainly couldn't recommend this to anyone. I notice others' accuracy remarks refer 7-10 yds. Pea shooters shoot well at arms length ranges. Cycling was nearly 100 percent with break in needed. Due to tight lockup. Had to push slide to close ocassionally. About 400 round thru it. Still sticky but OK. gave up on it though. I'm getting rid of it due to intolerable accuracy.

Sounds more like a trigger control problem and if the slide it that tight
the pistol has not even broken in yet . I think you are used to a lighter
trigger like on your Wilson pro . If you had a trigger that was 3 1/2 lbs
instead of 5 to 6 lbs like on the RO . I bet you would shoot it way better .

AND the pistol is NOT advertised as a competition pistol. Its advertised
as :
When we introduced the 1911 Range OfficerŽ for the competitive shooter,
we were surprised at the response. Serious shooters who care about the
details welcomed the precision features that made the Range OfficerŽ
perform far beyond its price tag.

Meaning the competitive shooter can modify the pistol to his or her needs
cheaper because the base pistol has a low price tag .

TO think a 800.00 pistol is going to compete with a 3000 Wilson or 1200
Colt without any mods is crazy .
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