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Originally Posted by Xhair View Post

"The Pentagon's devotion to full-metal jacket, or ball ammunition, is the result of a 116-year-old guideline in the 1899 Hague Convention that prohibits combat units from using of bullets that "expand or flatten easily" inside the human body."


The US is not a signatory to the Hague Convention. We generally follow the crowd, so to speak, by not using expanding bullets but we can do so if we wish to. Aside from that, the biggest reason for using FMJ is reliability of function in feed cycle.

I also have to agree with Razorback in preferring solids/softpoints/FMJ type to hollow points. Due to feeding considerations, it is harder to find a good solid/FMJ for an autoloader than it is a revolver, especially since Hornady dropped production of their FMJ-FP which was a truly exceptional bullet. Instead of that one, I use Golden Saber 230 Bonded, or Critical Duty 220 in .45 ACP, and flat point or wide flat point heavy lead bullets in revolvers.
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