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Originally Posted by pj1843 View Post
Thank you sir for your review, it pushed me over the edge to make this purchase. It has been one of the most well written and well thought out reviews i have ever read.

Also just a question, 1 out 10 what would you rate this gun for its price category?

And one last thing im looking froward to seeing what you are going to do to this firearm to make it better.
First off, thank you for the kind words. If I was forced into a corner and had to rate it on a scale of 1-10 I would say it would be a...hmmm... 8.21579 for the money...

Originally Posted by hankfan79 View Post
Nice review.

I do have one question.
After reading your measurements about the sights, do this mean that sights with a "standard" Novak cut WILL NOT fit?
Hankfan79, actually, the standard Novak sight will fit just fine. What they did was they did not set the sight as deep as normal which necessitates a higher than normal front sight unfortunately.

Originally Posted by Jim in Bedford IN View Post
When I saw your comments on the VIS and then read the thread "Neat things about the Ruger SR1911" by KenMays, I saw a good picture of the VIS in his post. It looks to have a good amount of relief cut on the face with a bow tie. Did your gun also look like this but still measure out as inadequate based on your measurements? What is the required depth? Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Mine measures .0025" deep which while some may think it is adequate, personally I think is a bit shallow. How much is needed is debatable. Personally I think that .005" is enough, however, I know there are others that think more is necessary. All that being said, there are tons and tons of guns out there that have no "bowtie" cut that have lasted thousands of rounds without breaking legs, links or other problems...and then there are the ones I have seen and fixed that did break the legs and links. And it is a show stopper if it happens.

Thank you for your questions. They always challenge me to check and double check!

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