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Originally Posted by Nitro.45 View Post
Choice is your pal and I really donít care how many guns you bought for your store last week, they are not yours personally and you are not in the business of cleaning them. I did a bit of reading on the subject, and you sir, are in the vast minority with your mindset. Several smiths go so far as to say that 85% of weapons brought to them for function issues are directly related to not removing the anti corrosion material and cutting residue. Granted, they are filthy when they get them, but I have pulled out stuff that I never see when cleaning a previously maintained gun. Do what you want. You are probably also one of those guys that just throws his guns into the safe when done and cleans them once in a blue moon. The process is far from OCD.
Nope. You would be wrong. Again. I personally bought 10 guns last week. Not for the store. For me. And not 1 of them needed anything more than to lube em, load em and shoot em.

You can scrub your guns till the cows come home. They're yours. But you do so not because it's necessary. You do it because you're OCD. Something irrational within you compels you to clean a new gun. It's okay. Lots of folks live with the condition and lead relatively normal.lives. You'll be fine. Really.

And yes.....my Baer TRS runs just fine after no cleaning for the last 8,000 rounds. I rarely clean guns. Almost never. Run a bore snake through them and wipe em down, that's all that's needed. Anything else is simply a waste of my time.

Shoot more clean less. That's why we have smokeless powder.
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