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Originally Posted by TRSOtto View Post
OCD is an affliction for sure. Anal is as anal does. One man's clean is another man's filthy. You and I are clearly on opposite sides of the spectrum. I bought more guns last week than you bought last year. None of em needed cleaning prior to firing.

Happy scrubbing.
Choice is your pal and I really donít care how many guns you bought for your store last week, they are not yours personally and you are not in the business of cleaning them. I did a bit of reading on the subject, and you sir, are in the vast minority with your mindset. Several smiths go so far as to say that 85% of weapons brought to them for function issues are directly related to not removing the anti corrosion material and cutting residue. Granted, they are filthy when they get them, but I have pulled out stuff that I never see when cleaning a previously maintained gun. Do what you want. You are probably also one of those guys that just throws his guns into the safe when done and cleans them once in a blue moon. The process is far from OCD.
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