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Originally Posted by TRSOtto View Post
Sticky heavy oil??? On a new gun?? Not in my experience either.

Good Lord.....what are you guys buying??? Cause it's not a Smith, a Ruger, a Brown, a Colt, a Springfield, a Wesson, a Walther, an HK,a Benelli, a Guerrini, a Browning, any AR, a SIG, a Kimber, a Henry, a Winchester, a CZ, a Wilson, a Nighthawk, a Sauer, an FN....

What guns are you guys buying that are covered in a sticky heavy oil??? Cause it ain't any that I've ever unpacked nor is it any of those brands listed.
I bought a Kimber a few years ago, and couldn't believe how filthy it was when I field stripped it. And yes, it was a new gun.

I was pretty p.o.'d and called them to ask how a new gun left the factory that dirty. The response was they got a lot of calls about the guns having not been proof fired, due to being too clean, so they quit cleaning them after firing and before shipping. BS excuse in my opinion, more likely cost cutting measures.

And the gun did have a heavy oil of some type, surely to prevent rust. But it was way beyond dirty!

Kimber Ultra CSE 45acp
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