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Those survival seed packets make my wife and I laugh.

Originally Posted by Thumper88 View Post
If I missed it I apologize, but heirloom seeds are always good. They can be found fairly cheap, long term storage is easy. Even better, start growing a small garden now. That way you learn the ins and outs and can can your own food, saving money on food storage and prepping
My wife and I have been growing the balance of our own food for years. Anybody with no experience that thinks they are going to take a bunch of seeds and plant them in the ground and grow themselves a bunch of food just like that. They are going to get pretty hungry in very short order.

Soil preparation takes a long time and a lot of work. Proper fertilization and culling takes knowledge. Timing of planting is critical. Distance between plants is very important. Pest control is difficult. And there are a number of other things involved that most people have no clue about.

If I had ten bucks to spend on prepping items. I would likely just buy a half a dozen cans of Spam.
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