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1911 Commander for LE use....

There is nothing wrong with using a 1911 for LE use, however, having been a Deputy Sheriff, I prefer a high capacity weapon. You never know when under stress if you will remember to reload when needed, so a high capacity firearm may prevent the need to reload......

I am not a fan of a Glock, but I did use a Glock 21 (.45acp) as a Deputy in the Orlando area. Our agency required and issued Glocks, and I could choose either a 9mm, .40S&W, or .45acp caliber....

Now that I am retired, my EDC is a high capacity 1911 style gun.....an STI 2011 Commander with 125 gr. JHP .38 super +P+ ammo. I carry 16+1 rounds in the gun, with one spare 17 round mag..... This works for me....!
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