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Nighthawk before and after

I purchased a used Nighthawk falcon and like any 1911 I get I have to change up a few things to get it to just they way I like it. Not normally a two tone 1911 guy but this one really caught my eye.

I had nighthawk put a 10-8 U notch rear sight and front Trijicon HD Yellow front. (have this on several 1911s and easy to pick up for me.

Had Nighthawk replace the trigger with a medium trigger, fits me better.

While at Nighthawk had them flute the top of the barrel, just something I like from Wilson Combat pistols.

Also replaced the blue spring guild plug with a stainless one to match the bushing. Pet peeve of mine not to have them match.

The Wood Caliber made me a set of solid ebony grips that are flat bottom and fit the mag-well perfectly. Then I sent the grips off to high figure grips to install Nighthawk medallions. (will do business with both companies again).


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