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Staccato P DUO going back light strikes

After waiting 3 months to get it, and waiting thanks to Covid-19 to fire it, finally hit the range to dial in the red dot. Three light strikes in the first mag. Second time worked.

Armorer at the range looked at it and said it may be the hammer spring. Called STI, uhhhh, Staccato they recommended filing out a warranty form. Got the email and return label next day. Was a bit surprised, thought the response would be “put another 300 down the pipe, then get back to us.”

So far have been happy with the response and the CS folks have been very nice. The only PITA I have is I had to travel to the UPS hub. The local store wouldn’t take it. Was told to bring ID and gun license. Brought my passport and CCL. Told the lady there it was a firearm, in the Staccato bag. She asked if there was ammo in the bag? Nope. Ok slid it in the box and on its way. Just in time to read about the gun thefts at UPS.

Hasn’t soured me on Staccato, stuff happens, and they’re taking care of it. Just wanted to take it to the cabin this weekend. Anyone else have light strikes or other issues.
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