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Originally Posted by pocketshaver View Post
No seriously, everyone has this purile fantasy that everything will keep running. You know, public utilities like natural gas, water, and even electricity.

No way to get coal to electric plants, ie no gas, means no power is made. If the operators were still alive in time to do a complete shutdown of nuclear reactors, you will NEVER get those reactors online and running again unless you can hook them up to a completely functional national power grid.

SO all your left with is hydro electric.... and If something happens to lines, say a simple storm, you wont get replacement parts once everything in inventory is used up. Wait, no gas for line trucks so no replacement parts are going to be needed.

No natural gas so your in home natural gas powered generator will be useless.

I have no fantasy at all. if the grid goes down in a big way we all screwed. Those in the big cities will die first. Us country folks will last longer. Once the fragments of civilization band together they will prey on the small home steads.

Not to be a Debbie downer but if shtf like in the movies would anyone really want to live in that world?? If it was going to be that bad then let me die in the initial blast. I say this due to having a bad heart not because I'm a *****.
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