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Inner cities are death traps. Totally dependent upon services provided. In 2-3 days, suburbs will see people camping in private yards, drinking pool water. In a week, elevated deaths.

There's a couple books by author William R. Forstchen called One Second After (A John Matherson Novel), and One Year After: A John Matherson Novel detailing the effects of an EMP smuggled in to the Gulf of Mexico and detonated over the US. Non-hardened electronics are knocked out. If you haven't considered how dependent all of us are on the internet, mass transport and supply chain for things like heart and blood pressure medication, or maybe insulin, you'll realize that the inner cities will only be the first to perish. 60% of us who weren't meant to live will die as the country reverts back to an 18th-19th century infrastructure. Science and technology allows us to have the population that we do.

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