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Hello I have a few questions....

Most prepping fantasies seem to be set in spring or summer. Everything is nice. The bomb/plague hits, and the hardy prepper sets out into the wilderness to live off of berries and animals and what he or she can look from abandoned homes.

The issue is,,,, that since Y2K, the concept has been "flee the city, go to the suburbs and rural areas. The farmers have lots of food to feed you"

That's what was published in many Michigan papers before Y2K hit. They wanted the non city folk to house and feed the city folk for the rest of their livs.

If the power grid goes down, everything goes down. Look at the last big winter storm that hit the east coast in winter.... at least a week without electricity and heating....

How long do you think new York city would last if they lost power, heat from natural gas, and WATER....
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