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Originally Posted by blindshooter View Post
I have a bad right shoulder, the S1050 is very easy on it. Not pushing at the top of the stroke to seat a primer is much easier for me. I shoot mostly .45acp but have 9mm and .223 conversions.
OP, I predict you will not regret the choice.

Shoulder saving is highly relevant to my interests I'm delaying having my right shoulder replaced. We have some other family health issues that are more pressing at this time. Down the road I'll address the shoulder. Got love, live and thrive in the meantime. Still doing fun stuff...just being mindful to find methods that are easier on my body.

I've never played with a 1050 or 1100....just watched the videos. I couldn't tell what type of effort was required nor at which point in the stroke the force was greatest. Thanks for the insight.

Originally Posted by Rwehavinfunyet View Post
Since I shoot and reload a great deal of 9mm ammo, the one thing that separates the D1050 machines from most all other progressive presses is it swages the primer pockets whether it is needed or not. All it takes is a few military crimped 9mm cases to really slow the reloading process down if you don't have a D1050.

I believe a person should consider whether or not to purchase a D1050 based on how much volume they shoot......Once a person shoots roughly 1,000 rounds of ammo per month, it would be worth it to invest in a D1050.....less time reloading will allow more time at the shooting range....!

Some buddies and I recently had the discussion about reloading and the current times we are living in. We said we'd not be adding any new presses for the rest of 2020....just trying to hold our own with what we already have....and keep adding components as we could find them on sale.

If Trump is re-elected then we all agreed we'd be burning up the phone lines to the Dillon mothership. Everyone threw out what their ideal setup would be.

I'd keep rolling my hunting rifle loads on the existing 550C and keep the running .45acp, .44mag and 10mm on the existing 750 with an occasional swap over for runs of .38Super.

The call to the Dillon mothership would be to go nuts and unleash the Krakkens for two dedicated 1100's....one in 9mm and other other in .223/5.56.

The next money spent would be to do annual or longer range membership to the local indoor/outdoor spot that is less than a 10 minute drive from home.

Now....in the meantime prior to his hopeful re-election.....I'll need to purchase a winning lottery ticket...even a $10K scratch-off ticket would do nicely and leave room for new gun safe, bigger bench & storage.......and maybe one nice new pistol or rifle.

Originally Posted by Tom Freeman View Post
Time is money. Thats one thing few people take into account.

Some people like reloading. It is relaxing. Some of them might even shoot just so they can get back to reloading.

I prefer to spend my free time at the range.

I think I've had more fun simply shopping around for my reloading gear and checking off the list than I've ever expected. It's been an oasis of fun & source of good reading and such in between stressful life & work situations. At the end of each day its nice to sit down in the easy chair with a glass of iced tea and the newest Blue Press......or on a cold morning off-work to have the fire going, dogs asleep nearby and have a cup of hot coffee and a warm fire rolling.....and the MackBook open to reloading & shooting sites.

Therapeutic even in the beginning planning stages. That's good & welcome stuff.
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