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Pics as promised. There are certain things I find necessary, so I do them quickly. As I said, I hate seeing beautiful wood ruined as it should be for show , so the G10 Operators have taken their place. Since there is no checkering on the front strap, grip tape has been added, although a WC checkered front strap may take its place at some point. I'm also fond of Wilson Combats' flat triggers and had a spare setting in the parts bin, so it has been installed as well. At some point I may install a round butt MSH and round the frame to match. For me, it increases the comfort of the grip and removes the point of the frame that prints.

I wasn't able to do a lot of shooting after work, but I did pop the spare mag in and shoot those eight rounds into the hillside. Love the weight! Recoil is soft, accuracy is excellent from what I see, and it's fast to come back on target.

Its already made nice with my Kimber.

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