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Originally Posted by Stephen A. Camp

I still use Imagestation and do it this way.

Go to the album you'll make and pick the selection you want to show.

Then click on that picture and it will open another browser with only that picture on it and there's a URL.

Here's a real URL for a picture I'm going to post at the bottom of this message:

If you click on it as a link, no go. Remove the last 9 characters, i.e.: get rid of " .orig.jpg" such that your link ends with the first "jpg." In this case, the one right after 556.

Now, put what you have left between the "[img]" on the front end and "[/img]" on the back end, i.e.: put this between them:


As is, it will serve as a link. Put it between the symbols shown above and:

Best and good luck.
this is a test to see if it works

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