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Aside from personal defense, the 22lr is an exceedingly useful round. Small game gathering, pest control, practice...these are all things it is great at. It is like "small change"...you know, $5s, $1s, quarters, dimes...not like breaking a $20. It's the thing that you use in your normal day to day transactions...popping a squirrel or rabbit for the pot, taking out a chicken-thieving coon, taking out that nasty opossum that steals the dog and cat food, quietly taking out a sentry (oops, was THAT out loud?)...stuff like that. Consequently it will likely be in high demand since it will likely be used in more common "transactions". The .223, .308, .45. 9mm, and other larger, powerful rounds will be reserved for more specialized tasks such as defense (you HOPE this isn't a daily event!), taking larger game, long range work, or other less common events...sort of like how you use, but less frequently, your $20, $50, and $100 bills.

So, will a 22lr have use? Hell yeah!! It's the small change of ammo. Whether for actual use, or for barter, it will be in high demand for it's mundane day-to-day utility for those things that we are much more likely to encounter on a frequent basis than the zombie biker scenario.
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