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This works for me.

Originally Posted by toodeepsam View Post
OK, I'm putting us back on topic.
With some of the ideas being stated, I have this conclusion: This isn't a hobby for me, it is serious. Now, I have some concerns about possible economic issues. Greece is a great example. But I have more concern about a very real issue I face every year. With winter comes ice, with ice comes power outages. And in our neck of the woods, two weeks of no electric is not only probable, it is historically proven. So we prepare to stay warm and fed for at least two weeks, including family. That means ten of us. According to Ms. Suppressive Fire we are actually good for better than a month right now for the ten of us. And she is stocking more. This does not include any animals we could butcher if needed. So, the little 22 does play in. Cold also means predators become more prevalent. 22 is cheaper and quieter. We have an abundance of squirrels in our yard due to the pecan and walnut trees. (Our "yard" is over 2 acres.) You can literally open the kitchen door with 22 in hand and get supper.
Would I go into defense mode with a 22? Not if I had other choices. But I will do everything I can with a 22 during my "bug-in" and save the centerfires for the security work.
Maybe the end of the world is not coming soon. But certainly localized events, or even not so localized events could place one in a situation where you have to really on your own resources for a period of time. Certainly some level of preparations makes sense for most people. And certainly a .22 rim fire firearm would be a useful thing to have in a lot of circumstances.
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