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Originally Posted by WKandU View Post
Is there ANY real documentation either here or abroad that proves the storage of food, water, and other barter would actually save your family and yourself in a catastrophic disaster
I'm WAY less prepared than I should be as far as supplies are concerned. But here's my answer to your question. I think preparedness increases your odds of survival. No, it doesn't give you a 100% guarantee, because as you said, if someone wants your stuff bad enough, they'll take it. Where having supplies comes in handy is during the very early stages of the incident. These early stages are where the drastic culling of human kind comes. If you can outlive the first 50% of the population who are not prepared, even if only by a few days or a few weeks, it gives you a massive head start on the real survival, which comes next. Where you say "a few more months of worry", I say those few months are the only ones that matter.

I've never fooled myself that I could accumulate the gear needed to survive for decades, or really even years. I liken it to the bear analogy...I don't have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you.
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