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Originally Posted by silvercorvette View Post
If you are going to hunt the ethical thing to do is give the animal a quick death instead os a slow painful one. If you are protecting yourself you want to end the attack quickly before he has the chance to kill you. Many people have been killed by a dead man, that is a person with a fatal wound that stays alive long enough to return fire after he has been shot and stays alive long enough to fire a shot that kills you
Lung shot moose is a humane death , animals lungs fill with blood it goes to sleep basicly. Lung shots are kill shots...after all killing can only be so humane ...

As far as self defense ......another story. Guns are tools, there are different tools for different jobs.....no one tool can be perfect for everything. Are you going to shoot a squirrel with a 357 magnum......? Or use a 22 rf.
This whole apocalyptic man shooting other men is over thought IMO might it be nessasary possible ....will it be a war zone, only on tv I think.
Interested in hearing other perpestives though.
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