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Originally Posted by dead eye View Post
Many seem to forget the noise of a 22 lr is no where near that of a 223 or larger. A 22 lr can also be suppresed ( where legal ) to a whisper level. And that has many many advantages .
My .22 shooting is almost exclusively suppressed; its about as much fun as you can have...

However, in our hypothetical, SHTF, 1 gun world, very quiet doesn't make up for a caliber that is impotent for many of the required uses of a firearm.

In a defensive mode, you're not going to get to 'put a gun in someone's ear' or get a shot in an eye.... you're fighting at ranges out to maybe 50m (about limit of the .22 for reliable terminal effects) and you're using a flash sight picture to get rounds on target. You're not taking up a solid shooting position and using slow aimed fire to get a bullet in someone's eye.

While fine, and probably the best choice, for squirrels and rabbits, the .22 is not an effective hunting round for medium to large game.

The advantages of easy suppression are easily overshadowed by its limitations. If you want suppression AND an all around effective weapon, an AR in .300 may be worth considering- though ammo would be an issue.

The .22, while useful, is more of a specialty tool rather than a general purpose tool. In the one gun world, the selection needs to be well rounded.
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