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Originally Posted by Joe C View Post
First of all, thank you all for looking at my original thread on this pistol. It has been very enjoyable to review it and hear your feedback. I hope it has helped you in some way and I look forward to doing other reviews in the future.

The modifications:


- Corrected the guide rod to prevent it from hitting the barrel legs
- Corrected the mag catch to prevent it from hitting the mag follower
- Corrected the slide stop to prevent it from hitting rounds during feeding

- Corrected the ejector nose angle for consistent ejection
- Corrected the extractor for both tension and nose position

- Corrected the grip screw bushing that were protruding into the frame
- Corrected the breech face for smoother feeding

- Replaced the 20lb recoil spring with an 18lb Wolf

- Replaced the link with one correctly dimensioned for the barrel legs

Thank you for the excellent report. I am not a gunsmith. However, I take it from your report that since the original testing revealed no malfunctions, that the majority of the things listed in your report are "adjustments" achieved through a few file strokes.

My SR1911 has fired 500 flawless rounds, and until I read your report, could discern no need for the services of a gunsmith. However, I have a few questions:

Doesn't your replacement of the titanium firing pin with steel make the gun less likely to pass a drop test (or more likely to fire if dropped on its muzzle)?

What was the weight of the mainspring you removed from the pistol? (You said you replaced with a 23 pound spring.)

Assuming just the work listed above were to be performed on my Ruger SR1911, what is the cost, not counting shipping, and how long would it take?

Thanks again for the excellent report! Very informative concerning what you found on your pistol. Good show!

Shawn McCarver

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