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Originally Posted by CrookedShooter View Post
Wow Joe. You are the man. I think you may have just earned my business. lol
Seriously, prob when I get my second one I will send you this one. How much are talking to pretty much do the same thing minus maybe a few of the cosmetics.

Nice work man.

And oh yeah.... about cutting and reworking the frame rails to fit the slide and the .0005 tol on the bushing... and I thought us machinist were anal. I'll keep my +/- .003 thou or more and call it a day. lol

Edit - I just checked out your website man and I am speechless.
Thank you sir, it would be a pleasure I'm sure. Give me a ring or e-mail any time to discuss the details of what you would like.

Originally Posted by AlabamaLEO View Post
you "corrected" all that?! that gun must have been a POS!
Actually, no, it was, in my opinion, a lot better than many other production and "semi-custom" 1911's I've seen. Many of the mechanical mods were very small adjustments to bring things up to my personal requirements. Check out the first part of the review that includes a technical description as well as a range report to see what I mean if you are interested. Overall, out of the box the Ruger is a solid pistol in my opinion.

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