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I didn't read more than just a few, so pardon me if I am redundant.
As many said, any dog is good at being a warning system. The next is if there is anything behind the bark. I have no tolerance for "toy" breeds, which is probably an unfair judgement, but is seems few small dog owners understand that all dogs need training. We have Rottweilers, and have for over 25 years, usually two. They are very alert to their surroundings, and people take them very seriously. The folks/ neighbors on either side and friends and family know that they are very gentle and friendly, unless they don't like you.
All big dogs require more commitment from their owners in training and responsibility. Very many big dog owners quickly find they are not up to the reality of owning big dogs...despite how cuddly they are small, or wonderful the well grown and trained adults appear to be. For myself, I cant imagine owning any other breed, and actively discourage folks form getting them for themselves. To follow up....
There is a very big learning curve with big dogs...much less with smaller dogs. A mutt from the kennel can be an awesome guard dog as an alarm system. You take it from there.
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