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Originally Posted by markm View Post
I just hope they don't intent to abandon the DVC line as the Staccato line is just unimpressive.
They stopped producing new DVC pistols weeks ago. All Staccato only from here on out! In fact, they even got rid of STI too! The renamed the whole brand/company Staccato!

I was at SHOT Show last week, and the initials STI did not appear ANYWHERE in their booth. Just the word Staccato everywhere!

I bought a Staccato P Gen1 about a month ago. Two weeks later I heard they were discontinued, so I grabbed a second Gen1 before they ran out. I really think they ruined the Staccato P with the Gen2. No magwell, no DLC coated barrel, don't like the longer slide/barrel, don't like shortened dustcover, don't like butler cut rail, don't like new hammer, don't like new grip safety, don't like overall aesthetics.
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