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Originally Posted by M-Peltier View Post
Whats wrong with it?
The rules suck..

In an attempt to NOT be like USPSA, when IDPA was developed they focused so much on being realistic, they took too much of the fun out of it.
I only went to a couple IDPA matches but what I remember was it more of a memory test vs. a shooting match.

"Shoot target #1 twice, target #2 once, target #3 four times, and so on. It also made no sense to load my P226 with it's 15 round magazines with only 10 rounds. I forget the justification they had for it, but it came across as "roll my eyes" stupid.

My perception was the people in the matches to include the ROs and MDs were not as safety conscience as IPSC was. That was a bit unsettling.
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