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Dear Johnny, thank you for your wonderful post. You have made me pause and take stock of my life. So I made two lists...one of all the things I've done right and one of all the things I've done wrong. I immediately tore that second list up...things I've done wrong...and made a cup of coffee and enjoyed looking at the first list, things I've done right. I remembered when I was in my early twenties...living on unemployment...my apartment was $65 a month...the refrigerator was full, so what my gas tank, and I was two days away from my next unemployment check. At that moment I had a $20 bill to my name. A few blocks from home I came upon a short little old lady...she looked like her current life was hard and cold. She wasn't pan handling, just standing there looking confused. Are eyes met and she, in a very spontaneous way, she asked me if I would give her a quarter. I looked at her a long moment and I said I didn't have a quarter but I had this twenty dollar bill and I hoped that it would help her get wherever she was going. She started crying and she grabbed me and hugged me. We just stood there hugging each other and finally we let go. I gave her the twenty and we smiled at each other and went our separate ways. From that day on, when I see someone who looks beat up and worn out, I make a point of making eye contact, offering a greeting and an acknowledgement that they exist and have been noticed, and sometimes money...five or ten...and sometimes a 20. And what I find often means the most to them is the being looked in the eye, having someone touch them, give them a handshake. Johnny, the best advice I can offer is for you to find some time to be of service to others. It will do wonders for your heart and your health, and you will feel so rich as a result. And don't let the doctor's convince you that you are at death's door. We are all at death's door, 24/7...but the more you move that body of yours, the more alive you will realize you are. Don't worry about surviving the apocalypse...we've been doing that all our lives.
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