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BUG gun division....

The barrel of a bug gun may be up to 3.5" in length. I have loaded the .380 acp cartridge with 115 gr. bullets, in my Colt .380 Government Model with a 3.25" inch barrel that left the muzzle at roughly 925 fps. With the 95 power factor for the BUG division, the bullet velocity from a 3.5" barrel needs to be a minimum of 826 fps., so it is entirely possible to make the PF by reloading if the .380 gun meets the criteria of the BUG division.....

My Lyman 50th edition reloading manual shows using a 3.75 inch test barrel, a 115 gr. JHP bullet using 4.5 grains of HS-6 had a muzzle velocity of 945 fps..... the Walther PPK with 3.3" barrel in .380 acp with a flush fit mag I believe should fit the criteria of a BUG gun....

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