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Originally Posted by bradsvette View Post
Go on Black Scorpion's website and look at their USPSA Limited, Production, etc. approved holster. Everyone in my club uses them for USPSA and IDPA. It is indeed a "speed rig." I have one and love it. If you are struggling to draw your gun from a tight, leather concealment holster in IDPA, you've lost. I don't think it subverts the intentions of IDPA, but it does stretch them a bit.
Yah that open holster wouldn't fly for IDPA, open holsters have too much drop and offset for the rules. That being said and having a couple of "speed rigs" other that mag placement I don't think they offer that much advantage holster wise, at least for me. I'm not looking for a sponsor.
All in all I do it for fun and if I can at least come in in the top 10% and beat a couple of PCC's with my SSP/ESP I'm happy.
The rules have changed it's true, like not having to move while shooting (I think that's a skill that should be developed for the D in IDPA) but everyone has the same rules in a division so I think it's fair. Is that what I'd do in a real D scenario, no, but the you do what you train being the only downside I can't see the harm. Besides from on day to the next I can't remember what I'm suppose to do anyway...
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