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From some of the responses I've read here, clearly many of you are more knowledgeable than I am. Make me somewhat reluctant to post my thoughts but I will anyway if for nothing else that to get feedback and learn.

Combat knife; fighting knife. To me two VERY different things. To me a combat knife is mostly a bushcraft knife. A utilitarian knife for multi use in a combat setting. Less about a knife fight than it is about a supporting role in adverse conditions. To me; in my environment (rural SE) that is bushcraft and there are lots of good bushcraft knives and hawks out there. As to knife fighting; first thing that comes to mind is; is retreat an option? If so RETREAT and live to fight another day. If retreat is not an option (rare in my mind) then a Karamabit is my choice and what I am most comfortable with. To be clear though, I am NOT a knife fighter so a knife is a DEFENSIVE weapon for me. Last ditch in the face of superior force. Close in defense where all other options have been exhausted.
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