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Spare front sight?

I recently took possession of my long awaited SR1911CMD. While waiting for the permits to come in, I was diligently perusing the forums for information about the SR1911CMD. It would seem that this version's Achilles heel is the front sight. My SR1911CMD would be my first line CCW and IDPA-style pistol.

Having been a service rifle competitor for too many years, I have learned to carry some basic tools and parts in my travels. In all honesty, the last thing I would want to do while either competing or carrying, is to take my first line pistol out of service due to a broken front sight. I would have no problems fitting and replacing a sight in the field. Might Ruger CS provide a spare front sight on request for field repairs, or would they require the slide be returned for sight replacement?

Thanks in advance for your opinions!
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