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Since this thread is still going.

How about just like the old saw about the gun you have on you. Same applies to a knife. You can a have the coolest "combat" knife, whatever that really means, at home on your vest. What do you have on you or about you that you will have everyday? That's probably the knife you will have on you when something real goes down.

Unless you are a highly trained knife fighter, also whatever that really is, a truly dedicated fighting knife is going to be more weight and space your person wasted that could be used to have just a good, fixed blade knife that will do most of your everyday or campstead needs. A good knife that can make a fuzz stick, cut a hunk of your dried sausage, or slice bacon, can also slice flesh. And feel more at home and in motion in your hand from simply using it all the time.

Hey, I like fighting style knives as much as the next guy. Years ago I mentioned in the knife sub-forum that I had found that good fighting knives seemed to share great similarity to good kitchen knives, with the exception of having a hilt. Good kitchen knives are prized for not only their cutting ability, but that they balance and handle really well. Easy to wield and use accurately and efficiently. Same goes for a fighting knife. A Muella fighter I only recently put back in the knife pile was on kitchen duty for a long time. It worked quite well at it.

My range based battle belt and harness currently has a Ka Bar TDI (large) near the left side mags as a last ditch/retention blade. Same way I carried it when working armed security. At the moment an ESEE Izula II gets clipped on the shoulder strap on my non-shooting shoulder. Once I adjust some real estate on the belt or strap I'll probably change that to a slightly larger field type blade in the 5" range. In the extremely unlikely event that I actually have to go to the blade for a weapon, it will do. Quads, brachialis, flexors, and any other disabling target won't know or care if they got cut by a 3", 5", or 12" blade. In tight and close for disabling work a Mora that you use often enough to feel familiar with it will be as effective or maybe more as a 9" dedicated fighting knife that you probably haven't trained in true fighting style, and trained hard, daily, and in full gear with.

Does anyone really train in a proper knife fighting discipline on a constant basis while wearing their fully kitted out zombie apocalypse gear? Or even tried knife combat type moves while wearing full gear?

I'm guessing that the USMC Ka Bar has probably seen a lot more use overall by the Marines as a field knife than it has as a mano y mano fighting knife. I'm sure it's seen a good share of defensive and offensive use through the wars. Just saying it's probably seen even more as a working utility knife. Pretty much what a real combat knife is. Opens cans and bodies with equal aplomb.
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