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Some people don't like it, and want to change it into something that someone else won't like.
After Bill lost control, I found it to be like playing a game with a child. If they are loosing, they change the rules to help them win, when you continue to beat them, they change them again, trying to gain a perceived advantage, despite not having the abilities you have.

As soon as they dropped the “stability of rules” part they went all over the place running many off and going more than full circle.

Anyone thinking there is a “tactical advantage” to stopping and standing still if your firearm is empty in the open, until you complete a reload then start moving again, should have their head checked. A stupid rule made by someone trying to “level the playing field” for people who couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

Now they switched back to rules closer to USPSA that what IDPA was before Joyce took over.
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