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Originally Posted by Johnny handgun View Post
I am overwhelmed by all these responses, God bless you all for your thoughtful posts, advice and stories of your own struggles. I will keep you all in my prayers. This forum has the best people on this planet and I am thankful and blessed to be on it. Thank you all so much!
There are so many things that are in God's Hands and not our own. It seems that you were doing the right things to prevent heart disease and yet here you are.

The facts are frequently difficult to face and there are frequently things that seem insurmountable. Seeming and being are different things though and I would encourage you to do what you can for your cardiac health. There is much conflicting information out there that is not helped by the medical profession at all-the whole "eggs will kill you/eggs are good for you" thing is a perfect example!

Look into writings from the Pritikin people. The founder was an engineer who approached the issue of heart disease from a scientific viewpoint without benefit of the distractions of medical training. No promises but it has helped me-absent of immune issues-the body is fearfully and wonderfully made and will try to heal damage and there may be things you can do to help it along.

I did everything wrong for many years and now have two stents and spent a year getting my 1st class medical back-and deserved it or worse. I don't smoke any more, eat salads instead of greasy sausage (arrrgh-my kingdom for a Hardee's Biscuit!) and spend about two hours on a treadmill per week going up hill...no, running is out-I'm not going to risk blowing out my knees at this age but I can work out at that level with the incline cranked up at a fast walk!

I still think that salad is what food eats but I choke it down, have actually come to like oatmeal and have learned to make a heck of a low calorie and low fat egg white omelet in a small cast iron skillet...of course using a grilled Anaheim chile fresh from the garden is going to make anything better!

I'm back flying the line and can only hope that I'm at home if/when the peanut butter hits the fan. Still, even with my vastly improved health and the fact that I could at least serve to fix busted machines, cast bullets, reload cartridge cases and haul ammo around some of us ultimately are going to be best suited to rear guard duties because I for one just can't advance to the rear at an acceptable rate.

When and if that time comes, I'm all in...and a word for whomever the enemy may be-the Appalachian and Smokey Mountains would be best left alone, they are not worth the effort it will take to never, ever subdue the occupants!

Perhaps prepping comes down to being ready to do as much as you can do the best for about as long as can be expected in the worst possible conditions. For some youngsters no less than the continuity of civilization with Godly and Constitutional values will be the goal. For some of us, well, we can still be valuable for so long as we have breath.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers as well.
The Second Amendment-America's Homeland Security!

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