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Someone must be a classical music buff.

Not a good name for a gun company; I also thought it was a dumb name for a 2011 model. STI was a better name for the company. But, it is their company.

Thanks to John Wick 3, everyone knows who the company is, and their production probably falls-short of demand. They have consolidated their production line, emphasizing Europellet guns. Once the John Wick craze ends, sales will fall-off, and we will hopefully see additional calibers added to the catalog. Am surprised .357 SIG and more .40cal guns are not available.

I like my new (taking a deep breath) Staccato P Duo in .45ACP and wish a 2020 model was available in that caliber, .40 cal, or 10mm, for duty use. I came to the STI family late, but from reading earlier posts, others say their lineup greatly fluctuates year-by-year, so I expect to eventually see those calibers offered.
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