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Originally Posted by M-Peltier View Post
well played sir.

My brother in law (who also is my best friend) just retired from a 20+ year career in law enforcement and was a detective for at least the last 10 years. For a few years he was on the SWAT team and was considered one of their best shooters. I introduced him to the shooting sports. He thought, "yeah im gonna show those guys how to shoot". Lol. he went to about 4 or 5 matches with me and always came in bottom of the pack, and I finished near the top. His ego wouldn't let him sleep at night and he stopped going. He's still my best friend though.

As I mentioned, we got a lot of alphabet agency types at those matches. DEA, FBI, ATF, Border Patrol, etc. The Border Patrol guys were great. Good shots, there to have fun, etc. The absolute worst were the FBI and ATF guys. Complete ash hoes if you get my drift. The senior civilian shooters whupped their butts just about every match. They finally quit coming. The county sheriffs were great as well. Stand up guys. The attitude that a lot of those guys exhibited wasn't limited to just them however. A lot of the civilian types who thought their stuff didn't stink were just as bad, and got poned just as much as the agency types. The majority of people who came, were good sports, tried hard to improve themselves, and had fun.
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