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Back in the day when my knees were sound and I was outside doing something all the time, I spent 10 years shooting what we called "combat pistol matches". Pretty simple premise. You showed up with whatever gun you had that you could shoot reasonably well with, and shot against all the other guys who showed up. The clubs that put those matches on would set up 6 or 8 scenarios that required you to solve problems on the best way to shoot that event, and be good enough to get the hits you needed to stop the clock. There were no penalties for minor calibers and such, and you got scored on how many hits you got in the best time while completing any steps necessary. It was was great fun, improved your shooting skills tremendously over time, and you learned from observation what guns and calibers were best for getting the job done. At the peak, we'd have 80 to 100 people at matches, and LEOs from all the local PDs, sheriff's dept., and fed alphabet agencies showing up.

After ten years of that, guys started showing up with expensive guns set up for speed shooting, special holster rigs, etc. They took all the fun out of it, because the guys with the smaller guns couldn't compete any more. Even though I was up in the top rank by then shooting my 1911, I quit going. Eventually, the rules changed and they adopted a new name using letter initials like everybody does now. I can't tell you what type of game is the current descendant of those combat matches, but its really a shame that big money and shallow egos ruined something that gave a lot of people a lot of pleasure a couple weekends a month.

Kind of sounds like this new one is going back to basics similar what I used to shoot. I hope so.
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