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Originally Posted by Rwehavinfunyet View Post
The above scenario is very rare and unusual to say the least.....the attacker started shooting at the LEO while he was still sitting in his patrol vehicle....

The officer shot 13 rounds through his squad car windshield....the assailant shot his 9mm to empty, and went back to his vehicle to get another handgun.....a Bersa .380. The officer got out of his squad car while the assailant was moving to get another gun, and the officer , reloaded as he was moving to the back of his squad car. The officer emptied another another full mag, and that didn't seem to phase the attacker...

The LEO then moved away from his vehicle and took a prone position on a grassy area by a tree, and saw the assailant on the other side of his squad car....the LEO, told himself to settle down and take aim......he was able to make head shots that stopped the attack, and the criminal later died at the hospital.

The LEO was using a Glock 21 .45acp. There was no indication of the type of bullet profile used .....was it .45acp ball ammo? The lone assailant had been hit 14 times during the 56 seconds in the shoot out. The lone assailant was most likely in an adrenaline rush, which allowed him to stay in the fight, but would most likely have bled out to the point his blood pressure would have dropped and he would have passed out. As mentioned, this is a very rare occurrence to shoot 33 rounds in a gunfight that lasted less than a minute, and the bank robbing assailant had previously vowed he would not be taken alive.....the assailant attacked, was hit many times, but only the head shots stopped the attack. Unfortunately, the human body can take a great deal of punishment if a gunshot does not hit and disrupt the central nervous system....
Officer Gramins was loaded with 230 gr. Gold Dots. Most of the hits he made were fatal. Heart, lungs, liver...lot of upper torso hits. He even tried skipping rounds off the pavement to hit the BG when he was behind a car. Remarkably cool under pressure. He had his SWAT gear in the trunk, including a fully loaded AR with all the goodies and a happy switch, but he never got to it. Bad guy had a SKS in his car and never got to that.

Pretty sure he now carries a G17 with like 120 rounds of duty ammo.

These events are most certainly outliers, but even then, he demonstrated the supreme effectiveness of excellent marksmanship and tactics over any sort of caliber or capacity debate IMO.

I like the IDPA focus on accuracy, although I could stand to be faster. I also really like that IDPA is still a valid place to shoot a revolver in competition with out having to wear that ridiculous getup that USPSA Revo shooters wear.

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