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A few more memories

Originally Posted by Grandpas50AE View Post
I hear that. My best friend and hunting buddy (surrogate brother) used to do similar when we were alone in deer camp. We would take 5 gal. bucket lids, and 3 gal. bucket lids and roll them across the ground to shoot at, and beverage aluminum cans hanging from tree libs from strings at various distances for tactical pistol practice (that would be on strong storm rainy days when hunting was not advisable).Good times missed indeed. Thanks for reviving a few memories!
Frank and I would cast bullets and then load ammo every night during the week on a single stage press. By weeks end we would each have a 2lb coffee can filled with loaded ammo. On Saturday it would be off to the Sierra foothills. Spend the day shooting all the ammo at targets of opportunity. A small rock or an empty shotgun shell became a rattle snakes head. If I close my eyes and concentrate I can smell the aroma of burnt powder and Javelina bullet lube. Great days
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