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I agree markwell - it is nice to be able to hit a little range time every day, very fortunate indeed; but I also agree that the downside is getting motivated to shoot alone - shooting alone isn't as much fun as shooting with range buddies or fellow competitors.
Man isn't that the truth, I live on the edge of the Sierra National forest and drive about 15 min. from home set up IDPA targets to get in some practice. I to had been doing a lot of my shooting with 9mm 1911's and decided it was time to shoot .45s again. So Monday armed with a Baer SRP and a couple hundred rounds hand loads consisting of 4.8 grains of Tite Group and 230gr Xtreme plated RN. It was a good morning but would have been so much more fun if I had a shooting buddy along to share the time with.
I sure miss those days we shot together. Some fun times. Remember those plastic 5 gal bucket lids?
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