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Originally Posted by RickB View Post
Except, it's now one iteration away from being "USPSA with a vest".
i think the only important difference is IDPA's focus on actual duty/carry guns, and stages where those gun won't be annoying AF to shoot. 1 reload instead of 3+, reasonable targets instead of 30-yard mini-poppers. That part is cool and tempts me to try it again with my carry gun (cz po1). It's all the other stupid faux tactical stuff that has kept me away the last 6-7 years, like dictating the shooting sequence, dumb reload rules, etc.... It's borderline dangerous to pretend that residential walls and doors actually provide 'cover'.

I think it makes alot of sense to learn how to shoot your carry gun (or a similar one) well, from concealment. If IDPA focused just on the shooting part, and left the tactical stuff for actual tactical training and instruction, it would be more attractive to me.
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