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Range day opportunity

Had an opportunity to go shooting at the range today, after feeding 5 grandkids. It has been a while since I shot a complete range day with the .45's, as most of my training and instructing time has been with my two 9mm 1911's for the past 1+ year. So, today I took my carry gun and my recent addition, both in .45 ACP to the range, but today I shot about half the rounds in SD loadings, the other half in 230 gr. FMJ mil-spec equivalent.

Pistol number one was my EDC, a Wilson Tactical Supergrade Pro (4") and the pistol number two was a Wilson full size XTAC Supergrade full size.

The rounds fired as SD rounds were 230 gr. Federal HST +p (I normally carry the standard pressure load). I shot each drill with pistol #1 followed by pistol number two, then the next drill, etc. The drills were: BFM drill, El Presidente drill, Wizard drill, and then the 1 - 5 drill. The last 10 rounds from each gun was a slow-fire 10 round drill with the 230 gr. FMJ at 10 yards. My timer was in my 9mm bag, so I didn't have it with me; I just had to shoot it at my accustomed speed and count points down. Targets were IDPA cardboard silhouette targets.

The first Drill was BFM. Pistol number one shot cold (first drill first pistol) was 4 down. Pistol number two was 1 down. Second drill with pistol number one was one down, pistol number two was 1 down. Drill number three was zero down for both. Drill number four (1 to 5 drill) was 1 down with pistol number 1, and one down with pistol number two.

The slow-fire was at 10 yards, and pistol number one was 2 down while pistol number 2 was 3 down. Overall, not as good as I would have liked, but for not having shot .45 SD rounds a lot for a while, with none of the "down" missing the "A zone" by more than one inch, I'm happy with the results for today.

Finally finished cleaning both about 2 hours ago, and EDC is ready to "rock".

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