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I think it's a 6 moa. I'll have to dig out the box to see. A friend bought it, then before he got his gun machined he bought a P320RX. He hit a deer. I painted his new bumper for the Romeo. I'll keep it, and mess with it some more later.

I put the original sights back on the Masada. I'm as fast with it as my other guns. A friend who shoots in competitions came by this morning. He's got 2 pretty much identical 2011's. One with a RMR, and one with iron sights. I'm faster with his iron sight gun than any of mine. I'm almost identical time wise with his RMR equipped race gun, as I am with my Masada with the Romeo. I'm obviously slower with the red dot. I try to find the target, then the dot, but I believe I'm looking at the dot, then the target. I've pretty much convinced myself that I'll never have an optic on a carry gun. But like I said earlier I'll mess with it some more sometime.
I thought this was a gun forum. The rules read "This sub-forum is for general gun-related discussion only. No political commentary or other off-topic discussions are allowed, nor subjects that barely have anything to do with guns or shooting. The only section where off-topic discussion is currently allowed is in the special sub-forum created for site supporters.
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