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woddy did you buy a 3moa dot or a 6moa dot ? The 6moa dot would be the proper size for the new shooter specially for defensive needs or uspsa type events .

Look at your target not for the dot unlike fixed sights where most guys look at the sights then the target . IF your normal draw is good the dot will appear .

Unlike fixed sights that most shooters try to aligned on a point of aim when fired to hit well the dot can be anywhere with in the lens But on that point of aim and that is where the bullet will hit .

tanner I have an astigmatism too plus I'm right hand and left eye , turning the dots intensity down still lets me see a target well and you should be able to shoot it well but I have 40 years shooting dot this way . Small 2 or 3moa dots are far better for hunting or target fun use and a 6 to 9 moa dot works better for short range needs .

m-pellter Again what dot size are you using , 3 or 4moa or larger . My iron sight drills use what's called today - Flash Sight Picture - style and I can still place rounds well at 15 yards and ok at 25 with no hard focus on the sights and find I still good with Gold bead on a skinny front blade or basic black sights . I tried green fiber and like it and like it over red fiber as its typically to bright and distracting for me .
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