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Romeo 1 vs iron sights

I've got a Romeo 1 on an IWI Masada. (love the gun) I just can't get "there" with the Romeo. I've shot over 1000 rounds with it. I'm accurate with it, but I'm slow. I'm 1/4 to 3/4 seconds slower for my first shot. My splits are .20 to .45 seconds slower compared to several other guns with various iron sights. My times are consistent, the spread is comparing to different guns. I only shot 2 mags with the gun before installing the Romeo, but I'm sure it's not the gun. I'm a little faster with the romeo switched off, just using my back up suppressor sights. It still feels unnatural to look through the optic with the back up sights. I'm faster with pretty much all of my other guns, even a smallish P365XL. It just doesn't seem natural to me to look through the optic, and line the dot up on the target.

Has anyone else just not "bonded" with a reflex sight? Maybe I'm too old to use a "modern" sight. I'm going to remove the Romeo, install some Ameriglo sig sights I've got laying around and see how it is.
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