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Chief, appreciate it. Western, KY. Almost as good as eastern. My momma's people are from Morgan and McGoffin counties. She was born in Morgan, County, but raised the rest of the way in Southern Ohio, which is where I was raised.

Joined in on the weekly net with the W2SO-R guys in Lancaster, NY that Chuck mentioned. Good folks. Surprised me when the net control started the trivia questions. A good idea I think I will pass on to my club. I have to remember that population and licensed people are a bit sparser down this way so things aren't always as active.

I don't know if anyone does it yet, but maybe setting up a net on EchoLink or All Star that the Amateurs here to get together once a week or so. I know some guys may have their radio gear mothballed, but being able to access via phone or computer link would be a way to keep a hand in it and still be able to get everyone together across the country, or even from out of country. I'm still learning a LOT about this aspect, but I know a few folks that have some wide nets that incorporate repeaters and internet.

Up the road about 45 miles one fellow has a repeater and it also has EchoLink and Allstar nodes. He's in with a fellow in Arizona and they have the White Mountain network. If you are within range of the repeater you can be talking anywhere from a handheld and be talking to people on radios, smartphones, or computers. The one thing is, they all have to be licensed amatuer radio operators. The gear may be mixed, but the end result is HAMs talking to other HAMS using amatuer radio protocol and conduct. It just might be interesting to connect with other forum members via such a network. Maybe have a round table.

Just saying. Thanks again, Chuck for the invite and the chat.

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