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Originally Posted by sc1911cwp View Post
Seems to be a straight shooter in his opinions and why.
I loved the end comments about just getting out and shooting matches.

I think I'm a competitor more than a shooter, and I'm a shooter more than a gun guy. If I can't compete I'm not all that interested in shooting, so if I'm not shooting then why do I need guns outside of home defense. Meh..........

What I'm getting at is I feel a breed apart from anyone at a range, and clearly Mr. Letham is a breed apart from me, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I hand fed my Army Reserve Unit an opportunity to go shooting, and offered them (I have command authority) a DAY OFF from a monthly drill to replace it with shooting a local Glock Challenge Match.

I only needed TWO of any of my 160 soldiers to go to the match. I supplied ammo, and guns. All they had to do is show up and register.

I only had ONE taker. So we didn't have enough to make a "Guardian" Division Team. With me carrying the Team we would won easily. My other guy that went did place 14/30. First time out, first time with a Glock, and my soldier placed MID PACK against other emergency responders and military. The pickings is easy if you enjoy shooting. I won, so if we had a third shooter he would only needed 29th/30 to have won as a team.

OH...... TOO BOOT!!!!!!!!!!!! There was an active duty Marine working as an RSO at the match. He was standing RIGHT THERE. I tried to get him to shoot with us as a team (we'd still qualify as a mixed Guardian Team), but NOPE!!!!!!!!! I had the pistol and ammo RIGHT THERE. He's standing RIGHT THERE, there's the range RIGHT THERE. Didn't want to compete................


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