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Originally Posted by bradsvette View Post
It sounds like you're basically done with the post, but I'll throw in with a thought or two. You want a rig for competition and all around.

Unfortunately, competition and all around are mutually exclusive, although I thought as you do before I started seriously competing. I had always advocated training with your carry gun and carry rig and shot that way with my friends. A year ago I took my double mag holders and concealment holster to my first IDPA match and found myself seriously hampered by that equipment. If you're going to compete, listen to the guys who earlier recommended individual mag pouches. And you'll need a competition holster. And you'll need a competition velcro double belt. I got mine from Black Scorpion Gear. Buy the whole rig together to get the best deal.

Double mag pouches are for concealment, not competition. There's nothing wrong with training like you fight and fighting like you train, so I get thinking you'll compete with your carry rig. However, you'll be hampered by that gear and maybe even unsafe when you're constantly drawing and reholstering. A concealment holster cants the gun muzzle aft, so you'll be sweeping the range officer every time you reholster. Drawing from a concealment holster will be slower and mag changes from a concealment mag pouch will be slower.

The guys you'll be competing against are so quick that you'll absolutely need a suitable competition rig to even have any chance of being competitive. Get the competition rig and practice drawing, getting a consistent grip on the gun as you bring it up, finding your front sight or RMR dot, and squeezing/pressing the trigger so as not to pull your sights off target. The competitions themselves will add a whole new level of stress and problems to overcome.

I still train/shoot from concealment from time to time, but when I compete I give myself a chance and do so by having an appropriate gun, holster, and rig set up for that competition. Have fun.
Thanks for the perspective. I get it.
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